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“L’Acero di Daphne” advocates and promotes the knowledge of palliative care, to make it more easily available to whoever, old or young, might take advantage of it. These are the teaching courses designed ed organized with the active participation of members of the Association:

Teaching Course on PALLIATIVE CARE

The best possible care when cure is no longer obtainable. How to take care of the patient’s needs.


The course is directed to physicians, nurses, psychologists, and other health workers who – in hospitals, at home, in hospices, and in medically assisted homes – treat patients affected by progressive illnesses no longer amenable to cure.


To develop know-how and expertise on Palliative Care, with a special attention and sensitivity when taking charge of a person affected by an incurable condition.


The course’s third edition started in October 2020 and will end in May 2021.


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Teaching Course on DIGNITY THERAPY


One year postgraduate programme in Palliative Care at the School of Medicine, University of Verona.

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